Professional Experience

The Scherb Group –

July 2012 – Present

Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development – Developed complimentary InTERS web application on existing platform services already offered for the existing desktop software. Development of the InTERS web application done in Sencha ExtJS web framework. Responsible for the development of all SQL Server stored procedures designed to perform business logic for thin client. Also performed all related SQL development for the United States Department of Education NCSDAE Bluebook software, used to aggregate and report educational statistics from all states and territories in the US. – Re-design credit approval web app written in PHP 4 and utilizing 3rd party card processor’s API and web services using secure e-commerce gateway. Using this process to verify active credit cards/or banking debit or check cards. Also integrating e-Bureau identification verification information to facilitate fraud detection and prevention steps.  Also adding new features to existing dealer site to allow application fee processing using the e-commerce gateway, and adjusting HTML/CSS design elements.

Pentius, Inc

Jul. 2015 – Sep. 2015

Working under the general direction of the Call Center Project Manager. Maintain existing MS SQL Stored Procedures, as well as design and develop new stored procedures for complex call center reporting. Also, responsible for designing front end presentation of reporting via classic ASP and PHP 5 in Linux/Apache hosted portals, providing interface elements for activating report filters and sorting/viewing experience options. All development work was done using the AGILE project management methodologies, facilitated by daily scrum meetings.

HighpointSolutions –

Aug. 2013 – Jun. 2015

Fidelis Care, New York, NY – Provide SQL Development support to the Fidelis NY’s Healthcare Exchange Marketplace, working within the Trizetto Facets application architecture. Developed custom procedures to process EDI 834 files, allowing updates from the new HBX web site to propagate to the Facets database. Also developed outbound EDI 834 procedures to process records in a manner consistent with the EDI translator on the outbound data flow. In addition to working on EDI processes, helped re-write and enhance outdated Sybase reports to include new HBX member and subscription information being collected on the new member Healthcare Exchange Website.

Blue Cross Blue Shield – Independence Administrators – Develop new SSRI reports for Blue Cross Blue Shield custom web application tracking information about providers and receivers of health care. Supporting role to existing application development team.

Pfizer, Inc – Worked on new Pfizer web application called RDM, designed and developed new stored procedures to handle application front end get/set methods, also designed complex recursive stored procedures to handle complex logic for aggregating Pfizer Product Brands for matched and unmatched products helping to rebuild large hierarchical front-end navigational menus. Also developed new stored procedures CRUD operations by the application, as well as complex reports employing dynamic SQL stored procedures while maintaining performance, and returning highly structured datasets for UI formatting.

Alkermes, Plc – As part of the project development team, worked on a large ETL translation, and data mart project as part of a SQL development team. Designed SSIS packages to read in flat file which contained raw data to be loaded into the data mart. Consisting of over 100+ different feeds containing details of Pharmaceutical shipments, inventory and other prescriber and distributor data. Loaded these raw feeds into staging tables, where after files had been staged, designed complex stored procedures to transform the data into normalized tables. Developed stored procedure batch to update 3rd party identification keys to support integration of data for the customer to their system, created stored procedure to aggregate new customer identification information for future updates. Designed complex stored procedures to migrate newly loaded and cleansed data into consolidated data mart tables while joining to 3rd party customer master data while maintaining efficient coding practices .


Jun. 2011 – Jun. 2012

Promoted to Chief Operations Officer in June of 2011 because of my ability to manage and respond to immediate company challenges with decisive actions that saved valuable company relationships with our commodity vendors. In this capacity I was responsible for the procurement of all businesses technology resources and staff. Also created and managed the Compliance department whose responsibility was to maintain all business compliance material for staff, and to enforce all compliance policies in place. Additionally this department was to monitor in real time the compliance of said policies by the sales department. Still maintained ownership of the Information Systems department including all database and reporting needs of the company. Hired and managed a small staff of IT professionals to handle hardware and Linux system administration and application development. Managed a small team of independent developers when needed

AGRGroup, Inc

Mar. 2010 – Jun. 2011

Develop SSRS reporting used in the sales environment to help increase competitiveness of the sales team, reports designed aggregating sales person data and displaying on large LCD screen throughout the office. Other responsibilities were designing reports for vendors to show their product’s sales information and volume.

Web Tools and Technology

Jan. 2010 – Mar. 2010

Responsible for the re-design of client websites to achieve Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Refactored HTML to more specifically describe customer’s content as well as updating require meta-data as requested by popular search engines. Also optimized HTML using current best practices and industry standards at the time and achieving the highest quality performance using CSS design techniques.

Interlink Communications Systems, Inc

July 2009 – Jan. 2010

Design, development and maintenance of new and existing stored procedure, SSRS reports, triggers and database diagrams.

Magellan Healthcare –

Oct. 2006 – Dec. 2006

Responsible for design and development of HTML, CSS user interfaces. Design of web portals that allowed customers to view detailed information related to their health insurance subscriptions. Also designed portal for practitioners and other health care providers to get information required by their practices. All wireframes were designed using Adobe Photoshop. Then once approved were coded in XHTML 4, andJS using CSS 2 standards.

DHL (Danzas Air &Ocean) –

Jan. 2006 – Sep. 2006

Responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of VB6 software designed to help DHL cargo customers to track their freight shipments on ocean going vessels as well as air freight, added in new data points to tracking system to help customers view detailed cargo manifests online via the tracking application.

Nielsen Media Research –

Jan. 2001 – Jan. 2004

As a junior programmer I was responsible for the development new Visual Basic applications for the department. Specifically worked on an imaging software that would automate the serialization of documents being transferred from physical storage to virtual storage via imaging software and optical disk arrays. Helped design and code a Visual Basic application to scan in bulk many pages with several cover sheets per group that contained bar codes. I was responsible for helping to code the bar code reader classes and the database connectivity classes of theapplication. The application was used for two years while we awaited new software in development at the time to shift workflow from paper to online. While waiting for the new application called Gemini, this application allowed us to use the imaging storage systems well before the entire n-tier application was completed. Was also responsible for developing Crystal Reports for local production managers. Also built many SQL Server stored procedures for other analysts in the department to aid in their job duties. Was also given permission to work on a personal project of my own to help the department’s data collection team. I designed and wrote an ASP – data driven website that could utilize the data our department collected to help the data collections team to more efficiently look up satellite television providers like DirecTV and Dish Network to view their channel line-ups. This saved approximately 40% of an analysts processing time per call which improved overall efficiency of our department.

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