Better Web Design, Better Web Brands!

What are Your Needs?

Are you looking to bring a new product to market soon? Or maybe your current development resources are not able to meet your required launch date? In today’s market, fast turnaround is key to staying competitive. So, you may be thinking a large technology firm is the only way to go then? If that’s you, then consider this. Sometimes being a smaller organization has its benefits. For instance, responding to changes in its client’s business demands faster, and the ability to adapt to changing infrastructure more quickly. These are just a few of the pros to hiring a consultant directly, as opposed to signing more expensive contracts with larger technology firms.

Why Hire a Consultant?

Bradford Parrott is a design and development professional living in the Tampa Bay area, already serving clients both locally and remotely. He has over 15 years of software development experience. Most of which includes mobile web design, using products like Sencha’s ExtJS framework. As well as server development, most recently using server-side frameworks like NodeJS, or traditional scripting like PHP. Additionally, Brad manages development for many large scale relational database management systems to support these web clients.

Sounds great! Now What?

By choosing to partner with a consultant on your next project, your organizations budget will go a lot further. Likewise, your ability to make changes farther along in the design process will increase should your requirements change. All without compromising your budget.
Like what what you’ve seen far? Not sure how to get started? First, I would suggest reading over the primary services offered below. If you decide that those services align with your organization’s needs. Then getting started is easy! Just navigate to the contact page and fill out the simple form there. From that point Brad will be in contact with you to discuss your product goals, and in more detail. Then together we can decide if they align with your product’s needs!